protocol, owned and managed by Mylene Maar and Henk Goewie is the unlikely coincidence between an industial- and a clothing designer

protocol has a refreshing approach to dutch design and is foremost known outside the netherlands

dozens of enterprises  -6 out of fortune 500 list- have consulted us and indeed comissioned us for design and development of their fashion- or lifestyle related product ranges

protocol works with clients toward a defined vision with global social currents and environmental concerns well in mind

protocol works for differentiation from mass currents, with subtle originality as an added value; we are convinced that current global changes will forever mark consumers' attitudes and thus we are entering a new age of meaning for brands

trendmapping, forecasting, brandprofiling and visualisation, fabric-, print- and graphic design, technical and full sketch as well as deep knowledge of fit and cut, but mostly,

we design clothes